Yannipesca SL is the result of a rich and lengthy international experience as intermediaries in trade between companies from various parts of the world.

Ioannis Tsoutsas (Yannis) is the founder and initially created our company in Gijon, Spain in 1999.

As the company grew progressively in the commerce market along with the advancements of our systems structure, in 2008 we became Yannipesca SL.

Our work focuses on worldwide import and export of fish and seafood, both fresh and frozen, guaranteeing the quality of our products through strict controls from their origin to the reception of the customer.

We collaborate with companies from a great part of the world, always keeping our doors open to new markets and expanding the range of our products.

YanniIoannis Tsoutsas (Yannis)

Our team

We do have a great multidisciplinary team, ready to communicate with all our clients and suppliers from all over the world, always focused to provide the highest quality in the most efficient way.